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Yacht Engines

The ability to go fast is not the only criteria for exhilarating performance. The ability to pair fascinating horsepower with the highest standards in comfort is a central demand for yachts and pleasure craft. MAN diesel engines will power your boat into the planing phase quickly. At this phase, you will run with a distinct smoothness that offers a relaxed, comfortable but nevertheless thrilling excursion afloat.

Light-duty operation
Rating kW / hpEngine ModelCylDesignCubic Capacity, litersEPA
537 / 730i6-730D2676LE4436Inline12.4T3 Commercial
588 / 800i6-800D2676LE4236Inline12.4T3 Commercial
625 / 850i6-850D2676LE4566Inline12.4T3 Recreational
735 / 1000V8-1000D2868LE4268V 90016.2T3 Recreational/Commercial
882 / 1200V8-1200D2868LE4368V 90016.2T3 Recreational
956 / 1300V8-1300D2868LE4668V 90016.2T3 Recreational
1029 / 1400V12-1400D2862LE44612V 90024.2T3 Recreational
1140 / 1550V12-1550D2862LE42612V 90024.2T3 Recreational
1213 / 1650V12-1650D2862LE45612V 90024.2T3 Recreatioanl
1324 / 1800V12-1800D2862LE43612V 90024.2T3 Recreational
1397 / 1900V12-1900D2862LE47612V 90024.2T3 Recreational
1471 / 2000V12-2000D2862LE49612V 90024.2T3 Recreational
1618 / 2200V12X-2200D3872LE43312V 90029.6T3 Recreational